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With over 50 years of experience, we are the foremost experts in marketing and managing properties in Jerusalem. Established in 1974, Zimuki Properties is accredited by the “Shiran” association, the Israeli real estate brokers’ union, and the Jerusalem Chamber of Real Estate Brokers.

Our CEO, Mr. Pini Zimuki, brings extensive expertise in property management and marketing in Jerusalem, earning wide recognition for the quality of service he provides.

Zimuki Properties prides itself on a professional and reliable team that offers services in multiple languages, including Yiddish, providing end-to-end support to clients from diverse backgrounds. We focus on personalized service tailored to each client’s unique needs, believing that every client is special.

Collaborating with leading contractors, top-notch legal professionals, and the most certified brokers in the field, our office also works in conjunction with designers and banks for mortgages. Thus, we provide our clients with all the necessary services in the high-quality management of properties in Jerusalem.

If you are seeking professional advice and a reliable connection to the real estate market in Jerusalem, feel free to contact Zimuki Properties. We are here to assist you in finding the perfect property that precisely matches your needs and desires. Call us now!

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Pinchas Zimuki

Founder and CEO of Zimuki Properties

Mr. Pinchas Zimuki, a versatile individual with many talents, has been actively involved in the field for many years and has received numerous accolades for his contributions.

Zimuki Properties Agency, one of the pioneers in the real estate industry, boasts over 40 years of rich experience (since 1974) specializing in marketing and property management in Jerusalem. For years, it has been helping clients from around the world find their dream homes in the capital city.

Established in 1974, “Zimuki” is a member of the “Shiran” association, the Israeli service for property registration, and the Jerusalem Chamber of Real Estate Brokers. The company is led by Mr. Pini Zimuki, a highly accomplished individual in the field, who has earned numerous accolades for his work.

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A 5.5-room duplex for sale in Givat Massuah

5.5 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | 135 SQM

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Success Story

Quadra project in Mekor Haim

“This apartment is a remarkable success story. It was on the market for just two weeks before it was sold, fully furnished to a new resident.

The unique atmosphere of the project and the special community it offers were crucial to the new buyers. They managed to integrate quickly and become an integral part of both the building and the community.

What’s interesting is that, despite receiving multiple offers, they decided not to swap this apartment for any other in Jerusalem. A sense of home had entered their hearts, and they chose to stay.”