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Daniel Bouzaglo

Daniel Bouzaglo Luxury real estate , צימוקי – Zimuki

Daniel Bouzaglo A registered broker since 2003I specialize in luxury apartments sales, rentals and real-estate investment in Jerusalem - Israel.Along with the full-service support of the Jerusalem - leading Team at Zimuki realty I offer clients extensive knowledgeand a true realistic  understating of the local market.

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Keren Ben Avraham

Keren Ben Avraham Realtor , צימוקי – Zimuki

סוכנת ותיקה ומנוסה , מתמחה בשכונות רמת שרת ורמת דניה שם גם היא מתגוררת. מכירה את תשובי השכונה , הצרכים שלהם ויודעת תמיד לנתח ולהתאים את צרכי הלקוחות, קונים ומוכרים כאחד

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Yair Yhuda

Yair Yhuda Realtor , צימוקי – Zimuki

Yair has been involved in brokering and marketing new projects for many years

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Beni Bar-NIr

Beni Bar-NIr Commercial Realtor , צימוקי – Zimuki

Benni Bar Nir is one of the more respectable commercial real estate realtors in Jerusalem

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Pinchas Zimuki

Pinchas Zimuki Realtor and owenrs , צימוקי – Zimuki

Zimuki Real Estate Agency, one of the oldest in the real estate industry and behind it a rich experience of more than 40 years in the field (since 1974), specializes in marketing and property management in Jerusalem and has for years been finding clients from all over the world their dream apartment in the capital. "Zimuki" was founded in 1974 and is a member of the Shiran Association - an Israeli property registration and brokerage firm in Jerusalem. The company is managed by Mr. Pini Zimuki, a multi-verbal man who has been involved in the field for many years and received many honors.

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Yakov Reznick

Yakov Reznick Realtor , צימוקי – Zimuki

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Roy Paz

Roy Paz Realtor , צימוקי – Zimuki

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Yafa Zimuki

Yafa Zimuki administrative manager , Zimuki Real Estate

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Liat Prudson

Liat Prudson Realtor , Zimuki Real Estate

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Boaz Levy

Boaz Levy Realtor , צימוקי – Zimuki

Boaz LevySpecialize in West Jerusalem neighborhoods such as Kiryat Yovel and Givat MessuaAs well in long term rentals all over the city 

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Nisim zakota

Nisim zakota , צימוקי – Zimuki

Real Estate Specialist in Religious neighborhoods,Specializes mainly in neighborhoods - Ramot, Eshkol level, Maalot Daphne, Mea Shearim

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