You’ve come so far ….that is a sign  you’re considering selling your property and that’s a very good reason

Contacting  a professional and reliable real estate broker.

As is customary throughout the Western world, the vast majority of properties are marketed through a licensed real estate agents

Who takes your property to his bosom, gets organized and prepares for a hard day’s work

With one main purpose – to sell the properties that he has exclusively recruited, and one of them is your current  home !!! .

The vast majority of potential buyers once they have decided to look for an apartment and have purchased one pass between three months and three years, yes quite so .. Some buyers are looking for years to find the desired property .. The process of vesting for the purchase sometimes can take years with certain people and many parties And varied here is not the place to expand at the moment what and why they exist but, on the other hand,

I wanted to summarize to those who do not work and live in the real estate field what is the process in the headings.

The search and motivation energies of the buyers in the first few weeks replace the reality of modern life after intensive search that characterizes the beginning of the path of potential buyers.

The reality in which our free time is almost zero with all the tasks of career, family, elderly parents and / or small children, the aunt who came to visit or the neighbor complaining about leakage … and the list is almost endless …

This is where the realtor comes in, who knows how to identify the potential and understand the demands of the purchasers who contacted him or her, register with them or meet them face-to-face and know the needs of the buyers and know the right questions. In his mission.

Such close follow-up, smart match and knowledge not only to do ordinary actions but also complex and creative

Are the keys to success since most buyers do not find an apartment in the first month and only meticulous execution finger-to-toe of what has been described above and other actions not disclosed here bring the potential to ripen and success we wish the sellers of apartments that trust us in the agency and those who dream about the property and contacted us or came In other channels in which I market the Agency’s exclusive assets.

A combination of decades in the field and full control of the neighborhoods and streets of Jerusalem, which we sometimes know better than the people who live to the level of history of sellers and property owners, who are the neighbors, who bought from whom and when, what is planned on the street and what plan private entrepreneurs small and large, those small details about big things Which are hidden from the eye, tips that only local Jerusalemites in blood and soul could say and so on…

We will be happy to meet you at your home or at our office without any prior commitment.

Your success is our success, we build mainly on satisfied customers !!!

The sale of this property is in the DNA of the Zimuki Agency, which has been operating since 1974 as a recognized and respected agency in Jerusalem and the only ones that have stayed fully active to this day with great success.

We consider selling your home as a challenge, an art, a mission and an aspiration to succeed for you and for us.

A good word from you in the end  worth for use more than a thousand  ads.

Our office is always open to anyone for advice or appraise property without prior commitment, and the coffee on us 🙂

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Realtor , צימוקי – Zimuki
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Realtor , צימוקי – Zimuki
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Open view in the center of Jerusalem – 3br in JTOWER

  • ₪4,500,000
  • beds: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • 105 SqM
  • Apartment


  • ₪12,500,000
  • beds: 4.5
  • Bathrooms: 4
  • 204 SqM


  • ₪9,750
  • beds: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • 110 SqM
  • Apartment


  • ₪10,000,000
  • beds: 4
  • Bathrooms: 2.5
  • 160 SqM
  • Apartment

On the border between Talbiyeh and Old Katamon

  • ₪2,890,000
  • Apartment, NEW DEVELOPMENT

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