Ten milestones for a successful and enjoyable apartment renovation

Ten milestones for a successful and enjoyable apartment renovation

By architect Alon Yifrach  –  Art Architects

Finally, after long and exhausting searches, you found a property that fits the budget

And with your demands, now the renovation phase has come to adapt the property to your lifestyle and to the functional requirements of everyday life.

Needless to say renovation of an existing apartment may be scary and unknown, because usually not all the data are known in advance and the purchase of real estate hand 2 or apartment contractor budget overall transaction must include the renovation of the property according to the requirements of the buyer …

I will mention ten milestones that will detail a correct and even enjoyable process for renovating the property.

It all begins with the choice of the architect or designer you want to go through the complex and enjoyable process together, when it is very desirable to involve him in the early stages of interest in the property even before the final purchase so that the purchase will be suitable, worthwhile and worthwhile for the needs of buyers. You love them, the architect confirmed, the house was bought, we set out …

Stage One – Program – Match expectations

The architect will conduct an in-depth dialogue with the customers for a thorough understanding of their lifestyle, for example a family with a very active social life will require a spacious public space with maximum opening to outdoor areas such as a balcony courtyard, etc. A family with many guests will be required to think about suites or mini The suites are equipped with bathrooms and bathing facilities. Bedroom, etc., Also this step to tell the architect about all your dreams …

Stage Two – Defining Concept and Style

After the stage of understanding the functional needs, this is the stage where the architect and you choose the design style, which atmosphere do you want to be at home, what colors, whether pastels or monochromes, which materials will be integrated into the house design? To create an intimate atmosphere, whether the ceiling will be high to create an atmosphere of space or design that is more solid, into this stage enter all your desires and dreams that eventually created by a good architect or designer beautiful home, functional that matches all your expectations.

An important tip for this step is to allow the architect to take you to unfamiliar places and introduce you to new and interesting design styles that are different from what you originally thought of and rely on. And at the end of the process your desire will be realized while upgrading the design and functional architect of the project.


Step Three – Set a Budget

In most cases, the renovation work is limited by a certain budget, sometimes the budget is high and enables the architect to cast a high and unique design content that strengthens the planning concept, but in most cases it will take a very smart job of setting priorities to match the budget for the best design result. From the beginning of work to delivery to customers.

An important tip for this step, always keep some extra money that is not included in the budget, always but always, there will be more things you can not compromise or give up …


Stage Four – Early planning

After the stage of the program and the coordination of expectations during the initial planning stage, customers will be presented through plans, simulations, presentation of materials and photographs or any other illustration that will be chosen by the architect in the early planning. Maximum customer involvement and matching expectations to the end of the process.

It is also very important to go down to all the smallest details that sometimes seem Sisyphean and do not belong to the early planning stage, but in the end they are an integral part of the overall design.

The early planning stage should not be restricted to a number of planning alternatives as long as the process is relevant, until the process is finally exhausted and final approval is given to the chosen design …

Fifth stage – detailed plans for implementation

After the completion of the early design process and the design concept, the architect will begin with detailed design work to be carried out based on the AS-MADE situational measurement of the property. It is very important to document and measure the property by a qualified surveyor so that the basis for work will be as compatible as possible with the existing situation. All planning documents required for execution of the project such as demolition plans, construction plans, plumbing plans, air conditioning, ceiling, electrical systems, lighting and communications, advanced homes – smart home systems, etc.

The more the architect invests in the implementation plans and details them in detail, the less chances of errors on the ground and the lack of understanding of the execution contractor, which will significantly increase the performance of the work.

Step Six: Selecting contractors and suppliers

After the completion of the detailed plans and specifications for implementation, will be chosen by the architect and clients contractor operation, professionals and suppliers in the project naturally will be selected first and foremost by personal acquaintance and or recommendations Warm tours of the architect and customers in projects carried out by them to assess their suitability for the project , As well as other considerations that are more related to the budget, such as cost / benefit … As is known, the market is flooded with products and devices at all price levels and therefore it will be very important to match the project partners to the final budget targets …


Step 7 – Accompany customers in selecting materials and finished products.

In the process of renovation and construction, customers discover a whole world of images, products and finished products in the world of architecture and design and as they dive deeper, they will find out more. In many cases there is confusion of customers because of the proliferation of products, one of the important roles of the architect in the process is to lead and guide customers For the right choices of design materials such as flooring, wall cladding, lighting, color, textile and combine all of them to create harmony, so that at the end of the process by choosing the correct design will create a unique and clear design, reinforcing the design concept of the project.

Eighth stage – coordination planning and implementation

In most projects, the architect will accompany the project in what is defined in the professional language “supreme supervision”, except for very unique and complex projects where close supervision will be required (which greatly increases the architect’s fees). Supervision means that the project will be carried out by a professional contractor The architect will come to win all the works that are being carried out, to check that they are carried out according to the plans he prepared ahead of time in the most precise and coordinated manner. Of course, the contractor will often encounter questions and problems while working.

It is very important that the architect be available throughout the project to answer consultation questions as well as to solve problems.

Stage 9 – “Home styling” – furniture selection, and accessories.

At the end of the renovation process, and as the final picture begins to become clear to the customers, the architect will accompany the customers in choosing furniture, curtains, decorative pillows, portable lighting and other decorative accessories, all to give the property its unique character and to strengthen the design concept. Subject to the final budget set for the project, it is very important that these choices be made with the close supervision of the architect in order to prevent instances of mismatch in the wrong and unprofessional elections of the customers ….

Step Ten – Delivering the property to customers.

After completion of all finishing work by the contractor and all the suppliers in the project, a final tour will be carried out by the architect to approve the delivery. This stage is very significant since the work of the contractor and the suppliers will be finally approved, so it is very important to schedule the tour so that there will be additional time to make repairs and improvements Before the apartment is delivered on the due date.

This is … the long-awaited moment came, if everyone had expected …

The architect who won the whole project wants to see his complete work … and his clients are excited and satisfied ..

The customers, you, who want to see the house of your dreams, and here is another moment and you are already entering your new home ..

The work was completed, and the picture was complete ….

Important tip:

Even when you are at the peak of your activity and sometimes there are quite a few difficulties

on the way, Always remember the long-awaited moment in which

everything is beautiful and complete.


Alon Yifrach – Art Architects


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